Skyhorse Project

When virtual humans discover that their world is an abandoned digital simulation, they decide to invent their own deity, ‘Skyhorse,’ by launching an athlete into the sky.

Skyhorse Project: Training Field (older version)

Interactive multi-media
Monitor, Projector, LED light, electronic sensors. 

Training Field is a multi-media performance done with cross-media signal transmission. As a chapter of the ‘Skyhorse Project’ – which tells an existentialist story of purposeless creatures inventing their god- the work enacts the effort of these creatures to train, or tame, their god Skyhorse for a perfect performance. The installation is a living piece in which video, LEDs, text, and sound are interconnected, changing correspondingly to the performance.

The software demonstrates the function of the media component shown in the performance with a brief introduction to the project: this ‘god,’ Skyhorse, is a patroller on the loop, a star in its orbit, and an athlete on the track. Everything within the track is the field, a term for the attributes in programming design. These virtual creatures asked Her to accelerate until she lifted off. The original performance is accompanied by a 10-minute speech resembling a conference in which the actor invited participants to cheer for the Skyhorse to make her accelerate. 

Documentation of the first performance on December 14, 2022 at Cloud Studio, Providence. A formal performance showing will take place at RISD Auditorium, Providence, on February 25, 2023.

Prologue: Story of Aero

Skyhorse Project: Story of Aero

Custom Software

The video game Story of Aero is the prologue chapter of Skyhorse Project.