Skyhorse Project (on-going)

Skyhorse Project is a multi-media project that includes video game, interactive installation, musical film, and performance. The work builds a virtual world that combines 3D animation, live-action, and programming simulation, unfolding a cross-media narrative in multiple chapters. In the story, virtual humans become aware of their virtuality and propose a fictional plan to invent the deity ‘Skyhorse’ by turning a human into a running machine. Through cross-media storytelling, world-building, and interactive design, Skyhorse Project investigates power, sources, and belief, drawing an analogy between the virtual world and material reality, expanding on a notion of the creation of creation myths.

Skyhorse Project: Training Field (older version)

Interactive multi-media
Monitor, Projector, LED light, electronic sensors. 

Training Field is a multi-media performance done with cross-media signal transmission. As a chapter of the ‘Skyhorse Project’ – which tells an existentialist story of purposeless creatures inventing their god- the work enacts the effort of these creatures to train, or tame, their god Skyhorse for a perfect performance. The installation is a living piece in which video, LEDs, text, and sound are interconnected, changing correspondingly to the performance.

The software demonstrates the function of the media component shown in the performance with a brief introduction to the project: this ‘god,’ Skyhorse, is a patroller on the loop, a star in its orbit, and an athlete on the track. Everything within the track is the field, a term for the attributes in programming design. These virtual creatures asked Her to accelerate until she lifted off. The original performance is accompanied by a 10-minute speech resembling a conference in which the actor invited participants to cheer for the Skyhorse to make her accelerate. 

Documentation of the first performance on December 14, 2022 at Cloud Studio, Providence. A formal performance showing will take place at RISD Auditorium, Providence, on February 25, 2023.

Prologue: Story of Aero

Skyhorse Project: Story of Aero

Custom Software

The video game Story of Aero is the prologue chapter of Skyhorse Project.