• Reading None

    Reading None Custom Software / Interactive E-book (no audio)7’00”2022 This is an interactive E-book that explores Plato’s reading scene, a computer-user relationship. While navigating through a reading world full of junk and glitching words, the player, or reader, will find a reason behind all the glitched text at the end of the journey. The digital…

  • Museum Hall A

    Museum Hall A is an interactive game installation with live-action characters dwelling under a lockdown in their virtual spaces. The audience could speak through a microphone or type ‘command’ to the character, transforming the exhibition space into a live theater. Wordplay and articulation brought up by the vocal recognition system are essential to the story,…

  • DisplaceMen

    DisplaceMen (on-going) Video Game Collaborative ProjectXiner’s Role: Producer, Writer, Developer, & UI DesignerCurrent Demo Play-Through Length: 30’00”2022 DisplaceMen: Painter Practice is a magic realist ADV. In the coastal town of Huanmen, everyone has the ability to DISPLACE, enabling them to make objects or even living beings appear and vanish out of thin air. The Player takes on the…

  • Phantom Pain

    A 2-channel interactive video about the story of the magician’s assistant and her leg.

  • Snowmare

    A 3D narrative snowbaording video game that incorporates live-action footage.

  • Maid In Disorder

    An experimental 2D platform video game.