• Reading None

    Reading None Custom Software / Interactive E-book (no audio)7’00”2022 This is an interactive E-book that explores Plato’s reading scene, a computer-user relationship. While navigating through a reading world full of junk and glitching words, the player, or reader, will find a reason behind all the glitched text at the end of the journey. The digital…

  • Museum Hall A

    Museum Hall A is an interactive game installation with live-action characters dwelling under a lockdown in their virtual spaces. The audience could speak through a microphone or type ‘command’ to the character, transforming the exhibition space into a live theater. Wordplay and articulation brought up by the vocal recognition system are essential to the story,…

  • DisplaceMen

    DisplaceMen Video Game Collaborative ProjectXiner’s Role: Producer, Developer, Narrative Designer & UI Designer~15’00”2022 DisplaceMen is a role-playing puzzle game questioning the definition of value, morality, and love. The story sets in a coast-side town where a painter attempts to find their missing lover who has traded herself for money.

  • Phantom Pain

    A 2-channel interactive video about the story of the magician’s assistant and her leg.

  • Snowmare

    A 3D narrative snowbaording video game that incorporates live-action footage.

  • Maid In Disorder

    An experimental 2D platform video game.